About Us

Knight’s Capital takes pride in its extensive reach within the blockchain space. We leverage our connections to provide open, bidirectional access to fundraising opportunities between investors and founders, meaning that founders need not deal with the logistical nightmare of coordinating with many investors. Instead, they can interface with a single professional outfit that abstracts such complexities away. The benefits are twofold: investors are also provided with direct access to pooled investments so that they need not deal with the headache of auditing contracts and SAFTs. They can leave it to a professional outfit that takes on what would otherwise be an additional burden. With this in mind, both investors and founders can focus on what is most important in a streamlined fashion.

Our team consists of trusted thought leaders and industry experts with a diverse set of skills in the areas of Blockchain and web3. Our tried and tested methods will drive demand for your project by deploying our resources in a tailored, and dedicated manner such that user uptake is maximised. This includes both direct demand generation and coordinating secure and reliable fundraising opportunities for investors.

Every project is likely to have different demands, so we ensure that we take extra special care in facilitating the exact requirements. We forge a plan with the specific criteria in mind that will provide effective means to reach your specific goals, with further guidance along the way should you require it.